Building Emergency Plan Managing the Possible Consequences of a Workplace or School Emergency Protecting and ensuring the continuity of a facility or business is essential to its security and safety. An “Occupant Emergency Plan” is not a separate function relegated to a security point of contact, but rather an essential template followed by all employees (and students) in the event that an emergency interrupts the normal course of business.

Proactive Emergency Actions

From anticipation to reaction to implementation, the “OEP is intended to provide emergency response procedures for proactive actions regarding urgent situations, compulsory notification procedures, and the appropriate response protocols vital in the counteraction of emergency situations identified by representatives of a facility. The plan should be simple to follow and easy to put into action.  

A Plan Eliminates Confusion

When prepared properly the plan will eliminate the potential for any confusion by providing fundamental step-by-step directions easily understood by employees and occupants.

Potential consequences of any emergency or administrative event(s) could possibly threaten the security and safety of a facility. The types of issues requiring your consideration could be:
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