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About Security Managment Consultants
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Why Security Management Consultants?

SMC has over 120 years of collective experience making us well positioned to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and state of the art security solutions available today.

The Staff at Security Management Consultants

Our staff is comprised of former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Secret Service, Military and Civilian Counterintelligence Commanders, Terrorism Experts and Legal professionals. We are committed to lending our expertise to our clients in order to maximize their security posture.

SMC believes there is no security management problem existing that cannot be overcome with a well planned and effective security management solution.

Our consultants’ extensive experience allows them to become strategic security partners with individuals as well as corporate entities to protect businesses most important assets---People, Property, and Information.

Should your company have concerns about how to effectively manage its physical, personnel and information security, SMC has the capability, knowledge and experience to address them in the least obtrusive and most cost effective manner.

Why Security Management Consultants Was Created

SMC has been created from the concept that a security management company is only as good as the body of experience, knowledge and capability of its proprietors. 

A closer look at who we are will convince you that each SMC consultant is an expert in his field. It is this collective “expertise” that uniquely makes SMC the best in the business. 

Jeff Mattox - Security Management Consultants

Counter-terrorism Specialist
A U.S. Air Force Colonel with over 24 years experience in the Intelligence field, Jeffery has a distinguished career as consultant in counter-terrorism, threat assessments, crisis management, and security, worldwide.  bio >>

Ray Byers - Security Management Consultants

Industrial Security Specialist
While serving as a CEO, a Director of Security and a Senior Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ray Byers has established himself as an authority on Security issues in both the public and private sector.  bio>>

Chuck Haveard - Security Management Consultants

Strategic Security Mgt. Specialist With over 30 years of experience at the various levels of federal, state and local law enforcement, Chuck Haveard has an extraordinary perspective on critical components requisite to executive protection planning. 

Danny Fazekas - Security Management Consultants

Litigation Support Specialist
Serving as the Corporate Counsel and Litigation Support Services Manager for SMC, Donald "Danny" Fazekas has over thirty-five years experience both as a law enforcement officer and as an Attorney at Law.  bio>>

Charlie Spaht - Security Management Consultants

Range Lead Environment Specialist
Charlie Spaht is a Special Agent of the FBI (Retired) with over 20 years experience in the investigation of violent crimes and major offenders (VCMO).  For eleven years during service with the Bureau Charlie was assigned to the Firearms Unit of the FBI Laboratory.  bio>>

Association of Former Agents of U.S. Secret Service
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Security Management Consultants offers over 120 years of collective experience providing state of the art security solutions for corporations and government.