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Security Management Consultants Services

Threat Vulnerability Assessments

Threat Vulnerability Assessment entails identifying and assessing the critical assets of the organization. SMC can conduct an in-depth Security Assessment and Analysis of your company or organizationís physical security, security management policies and procedures, and liability issues. In addition, we will keep your organization's management and business style in mind, with a focus on ensuring our recommendations are operationally feasible, practical and can be integrated into every aspect of your organizational environment.

Counter-Terrorism Risk Assessment

To help you protect your people and your operations, SMC will identify threats to your business, staff, the sector, location and nationalities at risk and propose appropriate counter measures to minimize risk. SMC will perform geographical demographic studies and conduct anti-terrorism surveys to determine threats and risks posed to your personnel or business. Our consultants are not the same as academicians, who possess knowledge derived from what they have read and studied. Our consultants provide real-time, factual analysis, based on personal experience, training and procedures, which they have learned and successfully employed themselves in the fight against terrorism around the world. Additionally, SMC can provide tailored anti-terrorism training for corporate management and agency staff.

Specialized Intelligence

We provide specialized intelligence designed to meet your organizationís strategic requirements. These include forecasts for specific countries, risk comparisons of specific locations, and in-depth reports on threats such as terrorism, kidnapping, crime, traveler education and advice, and embassy contact information.

Risk Management

SMC specialists will assist you to identify and manage risks that could potentially pose a serious threat to your organization. We will use proven audit and assessment tools to conduct security and vulnerability studies; promulgation and implementation of site specific procedures and protocols, and recommend technologies that support a holistic crisis management program to enhance the protection of your companyís assets.

Background Investigations/ Informational Services

Our skilled teams of investigators utilize state of the art informational tools as well as proven investigative methodology to obtain information attendant to our clientsí needs in collecting, verifying and documenting source related material. We access databases worldwide to legally obtain information and conduct web interrogation and surveillance to insure timely and efficient delivery of information. Our team secures factual data collected from credible sources and gathers factual information about the subject(s) to allow our clients to make critical decisions before they commit to investment in time and resources.

Crisis Management
and Emergency Response

SMC can help your organization plan and implement crisis and emergency response across your international operations. When your organization faces a crisis, itís critical that you know how best to respond to minimize the damage and its effects on personnel, assets and reputation. In close consultation with your team, we will provide comprehensive, actionable guidelines to help you implement a crisis management framework and user-friendly tools.

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