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Corporate Security

SMC has the ability to examine a corporation’s security posture and to recommend “state of the art” solutions to perceived vulnerabilities. This would include the protection of the company’s most valuable assets, i.e. Personnel, Physical Plant and Equipment, Information Technology and Proprietary Information

National Industrial Security
Program Management

SMC is fortunate to have as its Principals former Director’s of Security and Facility Security Officer’s who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the NISP.

These managers are well versed in Facility Program Management and have insight into the proper handing of classified materials and protection as mandated in the NISPOM. 

 JPAS, E-QIP, IDSF, Clearances 

SMC is one of only a handful of companies who can assist your company in applying for a Facility Security Clearance (FCL).  SMC will help your employees to obtain a security clearance (PCL) and teach your FSO how to navigate within the Joint Personnel Adjudication System database.  SMC can provide mandated counterintelligence training and assist your security staff in preparing for Government inspections.  SMC’s FSO’s are graduates of the DSS FSO Program Management Academy and can train your employees in the requirements of the NISPOM.

Secure Areas,
Dedicated Project Spaces, Vaults and SCIF’s

SMC can provide cost effective recommendations and management of the construction of the different types of Secure Storage Areas and SCIF’s.  SMC can also assist your company in obtaining Government certification of these areas.  SMC is competent in the requirements for each area and can save construction costs by consulting with client’s during all phases of construction.

What is the Industrial Security Program? What is an FSO? Cost to compete for classified contracts?

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 Ray Byers of Security Management Consultants, Inc. talks about SMC's focus on its Industrial Security Program.  Ray explains how his company can help industrial clients qualify and compete for classified government contracts that require security clearances.  


NISP: The National Indudustrial Security Program

Since its inception in 1954, the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) has been the vehicle utilized by contractors/companies to access the U.S. Government’s construction, R&D and military purchasing programs deemed essential to the National Security.

In order for a company to be qualified to compete for “classified” Government business, it must first pass a series of certifications to be able to bid on these contracts. This clearance process is necessary but not altogether difficult. Once your company is “cleared” it can seek to obtain a portion of some of the huge Government spending programs/contracts, which are restricted to only cleared contractors. Your company can either act as a general contractor or as a sub contractor but the clearance requirements are the same. SMC has the knowledge, skill, experience and ability to assist your company through each stage of the process.

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