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Security Program
and Policy Development

SMC adheres to the security philosophy of constructing security measures through the implementation of multiple layers or concentric rings of protection from a 360 degree perspective. We look at the entire picture. Based on structure, landscape and facility, SMC will assist the customer with assessing and measuring present program effectiveness, develop a comprehensive security program that will supplement the needs of an existing security plan, or design a clear and innovative program from the ground floor up, implementing controls which will manage risks that have been previously identified during the overall process.

SMC can further contribute to overall success the security program by developing the specific guidelines and security policies for the employees who would be expected to follow it. We can place the security policy in a reference form to be used as a standard of guidance and instruction, thus satisfying the security goals of the business.

Executive Protection

SMC provides an experience base that is renowned for its comprehensive level of physical protection it provides to our clients. We are a strong proponent of the advance concept, and believe in identifying inherent vulnerabilities before they have an opportunity to occur. We will assist in the detailed planning, coordination and implementation of security operations at your special events. We will design and implement a thorough operational security plan that will provide a safe and secure environment for the client and the event participants. 

As part of SMC’s Executive Protective responsibilities, we view that the best protective strategy is prevention. As such, SMC will provide a comprehensive threat assessment for our clients. The assessment will identify and evaluate the dangerousness of those individuals who have expressed an interest in, and may have the capability to generate targeted domestic violence.

Threats, Risks
and Vulnerability Assessments

In order to provide for a safe business environment, business managers must be able to identify threats that pose a concern to their assets. SMC can provide proactive solutions as part of our critical infrastructure protection plan in protecting against today’s threats and security risks. SMC will conduct an examination of all actions and events that might adversely affect or harm the overall operation of your business. 


SMC will provide a report outlining the recommendations to circumvent those threats. Furthermore, SMC can conduct vulnerability assessments to measure your susceptibility to specific exposures that may have the potential to compromise the infrastructure assets and components of your company. We will identify the exposures and provide recommendations to resolve the identified deficiencies through the utilization of proper security controls. 

Business Continuity, 
Disaster Planning and 
Post Incident Recovery

Studies have shown that those business entities who successfully survived a major catastrophe, prepared plans essential to their success in surviving an emergency event. In a post 9-11 environment, “Preparedness” should be the motivation for any security plan. A carefully developed Continuity Of Operation Plan will provide that needed guidance in the event of its execution. 

SMC will assist your organization in the development of a plan that will outline the procedures, guidance and organizational structure needed to ensure the stability and success of your businesses essential functions across a wide range of work interruptions and potential catastrophes.

Crisis Management Planning
and Development

Crisis Management Planning is an essential part of any security operation plan. It is designed to effectively coordinate the use of available resources to protect life and property during and immediately following a major crisis or disturbance effecting the operation of the business. Every business has the inherent responsibility to minimize danger to its employees and clients, based on the effects of all types of emergencies that may impact their work environment. 

SMC will assist your business in the development of the procedures and process to safeguard the physical well being of your employees, clients and personal property. We will also assist in revising and updating your existing plans as needed.
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